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Victoria Secret's 2016 Fashion Show

Lady Gaga blows everybody away with her magnificent performance in the Victoria Secret fashion show.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show was a huge success. Starting with Lady Gaga, the legend that performed in the runaway singing the songs A-Yo and John Wayne not only killed it but also motivated even more of the models who were participating. Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill, Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio, Martha Hunt, and many others were gorgeous and so confident in themselves showing women all around the world that they have to stand up for themselves and they can be empowered just like them. Let's wait to see the next fashion show in Shanghai, can the next one be better than this one? Only a miracle.

2017 Victoria Secret's fashion show is burning the fashion world. 

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Shanghai

In the Victoria Secret fashion show in Shanghai,we once again had wonderful surprises,not only all the models were extremely focused and natural but we had a demonstration of how the Victoria Secret family works. One of the models,Ming Xi, fell in the runaway and received help from the brazilian model,Gizele Oliveira,the brazilian model who was walking behind Ming Xi, helped her stand up and go finish her walk,showing to the world how Victoria Secret isn't just models walking in the runaway but a united caring family.

Kendall Jenner in the Victoria Secret fashion show, 2016.

Gigi Hadid in the Victoria Secret fashion show, 2015.

Bella Hadid in the Victoria Secret fashion show, 2016.


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